Mission & Vision

The universe thrives on constant movement of energies and their cumulative balance. The energies are complex, manifold, diverse and yet in symphony with each other and in harmonious coexistence for propagation and progress. The harmony and coexistence is represented in many realms, perceivable as well as just sensed by our higher being. In our Logo, the Necked Bowl Lute or the Veena is the music of life guided by the scriptures of knowledge, the Vedas. The two stalks of wheat give us nurturance and the winning award is for our talent in every possible field.

All these diverse aspects need to coexist for growth and evolution. One potential becomes more meaningful only if the other exists as in sound to music thoughts to the mind food to the body and potential to the achiever. We, at Blue Angels Global School, are creating a space for positive conglomeration of these energies for the highest growth of human potential, the confluence and its harmony to bring about optimum nurturance for the child in this environment. In all humility, our logo represents this winning harmony, the choice of the winner, a child so nurtured and evolved that he is almost unreal, the Blue Angel, and the light of tomorrow, the care taker of the universe.