Chairperson : Shri Vikas Bhatia

From Chairperson's Desk

It is not just a school, but in reality, a dream which has been given a physical manifestation. An eminent educationist and great humanist Mr. A. C. Bhatia, in the year 1981, started a mission to impart the greatest of all services i.e. to spread the light of Education among all. Today I am proud and privileged to carry on with his vision. The journey of Blue Angels Global School has been exceptionally eventful and rewarding and today it stands in itself with deservedly remarkable reputation. The school offers the most favorable learning environment and a dynamic infrastructure which cater to the requirements of modern students, to master their existing skills and foster the desire to gather more. We believe that the improvement is a continuous process and therefore, we are always ready to accept and arrange the latest in technological innovation to match the needs of changing time. I have a firm faith that we would continue this outstanding journey and extraordinary success, with constant support from all Staff Members, Our worthy Patrons i.e. the parents and all stakeholders.

Thank You