Chairperson : Shri. Raghbir Singh Ji

From Chairperson's Desk

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Blue Angels Global School is all set to start its first academic session. It is not just a school, but in reality, a dream which has been given a physical manifestation.

This dream started two and a half years ago, with the birth of my granddaughter. The thought which very often would come into my mind was,' what type of school would be ideal for her?’ I was actually not very happy with the present schools in our area, as either they were imparting education in the conventional method or were just trying to ape the western methodology. Thus the need for a school, which could impart Global knowledge with amalgamation of Indian values, was born. At Blue Angels Global School, we expose the child to the miracles of nature, technology, music, arts & languages along with academics. Strong human values have been ingrained in our school's culture. Sports, dance, dramatics, nature walks are going to be an integral part of our school. Our environment encourages the child to ask questions and be more inquisitive. I would also request all the parents not to burden their kids with their patronizing ambitions rather help them to explore and hone their natural potential and attributes. I would also urge my teachers to focus on each and every child, mentor them thoroughly, monitor them, admire them and help them to overcome their shortcomings. This school is also a tribute to my father, Late Shri Than Singh ji, who used to put great emphasis on education in one's life. My good wishes and gratitude to all who are with me in this endeavor for excellence.

Thank You