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ADMISSION Open - Pre-Nursery to Class IX and Class XI(Science, Commerce and Humanities) | Rakhi making competition and card making competition will be held on 31 july 2020

We Provide Global Education

Our Classrooms

Classrooms are spacious, centrally air conditioned and have lighting arrangements as per international standards.

Our Labs

To facilitate directed discovery, learning and develop analytical thinking, we have provided the students with a well -equipped lab.

Teaching Methodology

We have been successful in bringing technology to our classrooms with the introduction of interactive Whiteboards or Smart Boards.

News Bulletin At B.A.G.S

News at Glance - The inside story and day to day Activities of B.A.G.S

Green ColorDay Activity

Green Color Day- Nursery A and Pre-nursery celebrated ' Green Colour Day held on 27.07.20 . The aim of the activity is to help children climb their own mountains, as high as possible. We celebrated Green Colour Day. As green is the colour of life, renewal nature and energy, which is closely associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, fertility and environment. Nursery & Pre-nursery students wore pretty green attires and looked beautiful.

Making ‘Drawing’ Activity

Drawing is an important outlet for children to communicate and express their feelings. Hence even in this tough scenario in which children are forced to stay indoors, we at Blue Angels Global School are trying our level best to give all possible experiences to our students through the medium of online classes. In their weekly online drawing class, children are taught to draw simple figures through steps shown on the white board which they really enjoy the colourful and vibrant drawings of fish and butterfly by children of class 2 is an example of enthusiasm our children show while attending the online classes which has become a norm these days.

Making ‘Shapes’ Activity

Shapes Activity- Nursery A and Pre-nursery students showed how creative they are by showing their talent by doing craft activity of ' Shapes '. “A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled.”

Pink Color Day

PINK COLOUR DAY CELEBRATION 🌷🌸🍭🐖🦩🍭 KINDERGARTEN DATE- 27.07. 2020 The Kindergarten of Blue Angels Global School, celebrated Pink Colour Day on 27.07.2020 It was wonderful to see our children were blooming and blossoming in different shades of pink. The young ones came dressed in pink colour and brought pink coloured toys. the aim of the activity was to make the young ones identify pink colour. Thus, the purpose of celebration of pink colour day was fulfilled.

Admission Open for session 2020-21.

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Our Management

“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” We understand that a teacher introduces the learners to success. At BLUE ANGELS GLOBAL SCHOOL we have an excellent team of professional and highly-qualified educators who are determined to enlighten the lives of our learners. Regular training help them keep pace with the new trends and teaching methodologies like ‘Smart Board technology’ to aid the learning of children. The staff attends regular seminars and workshops on professional development, computer-aided learning and software packages specially designed to support the curriculum. The teachers are facilitators who guide our learners through discovery with inspiration and motivation.

Mr. Anuj & Ms. Tanvi Gera (Bhaskar Gera)

Dear ma’am Thank you….Ma’am for all the extra efforts you made to help our child grow. We really appreciate your passion for work and your dedication. Under your guidance our child scored so well. We will always be grateful to you for your kind support. Thank you so much for guiding and inspiring our child. I would also like to thank to all the hardworking teachers .Thank you once again Regards ANUJ & TANVI GERA (Bhaskar Gera)


Ms. Tarannum Hussain

The school is the second home of my child. Inaya has been part of this family (Blue Angel Global school) since she was a toddler and they have kept our trust and faith in them enshrining. As a parent it is very difficult to part away from our children but when you know that the child is in the right hand you can be comfortable about their absence. I am really thankful to you all for providing the right pedagogy to develop the conceptual knowledge of my child.


Ms. Nisha

My daughter Zenia had joined the school in the year 2016 right from day 1 she is part of the school. The school ensures that my child grows up with the right values. My child is continuously learning about the world inside and outside the classroom. A curriculum mixed with all the essentials like sports, dance, music etc. is under one roof. The infra structure is framed in a very well manner. At Blue Angels Global School my child interacts with different nationalities and imbibes global view.


Ms. Stuti Khandelwal

My son joined this school since its very inception when he was admitted to Nursery class. We were really impressed with the MontessoriMethod of education which emphasizes on learning through touch and feel and making the kids practically understand the various concepts. Even today when has reached Class 1. They emphasize on both studies and extracurricular activities equally and ensure participation of each and every kid in all the activities for all around development of children. Overall, we as parents are satisfied with the pedagogy of the school and the way our kid has developed over the years

Circulars & Updates


Dear Parent There is a lot of uncertainty regarding the exact date of commencement of new session due to the rapid spread of COVID _19. It is possible that even after the school commences, the teaching and syllabus will be hampered due to the shortage of time. In such a scenario, we implore the parents … Continue reading "COVID_19"

Corona Virus

Unicef Corona virus is large in size where the cell diameter is 400-500 micro and for this reason *any mask prevents its entry* The virus does not settle in the air but is grounded, so it is *not transmitted by air*. Coronavirus when it falls on a metal surface, it will live 12 hours, so … Continue reading "Corona Virus"

National Education Policy 2019

National Education Policy 2019 Dear Parents NEP has been drafted by the ministry of human resource development and it will impact the future of the course of education in India. As an important stake holder it is imperative that you be involved in the policy making process. You are therefore to send in your suggestions as  … Continue reading "National Education Policy 2019"

Admission Open for session 2020-21.

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